Update: FinTech Solution for Cash



I recently caught up with a friend who’s had a very successful career in real estate in Los Angeles. He told me that he tells people who join his firm out of college or B-school that working in real estate is a “get rich slow” plan. I think it’s refreshing to hear that slow and steady can win the race, especially during a time when social media and the hype cycle seems to get more attention.

To me, MAX is a fintech story that is similar to this anecdote. A scale business, not a get-rich-quick scheme, that was bootstrapped and created without venture-capital financing. As some have called it, an accidental company (and a happy one at that).

While I haven’t had nearly as much opportunity to write for The FinTech Blog as I’d like recently, I thought I’d share again on the business I’ve put so much into these last three years as it accelerates its growth trajectory, buoyed by a focused strategy of aligning our efforts with fiduciary and fee-only independent advisor community to reach scale.


In big news, an integration was “soft launched” between Max and Orion so that Max is well on the way past being just a smarter way to get a higher yield on cash while keeping it safe and FDIC insured. Max now enables advisors to help their clients and grow their practice.

Look for more to come with integrations being lined up with leading CRM providers, but what’s exciting is both the platform growth and industry recognition by respected authorities such as Michael Kitces and Joel Bruckenstein, in their recent podcast on “The Golden Age of FinTech.”

Look for big news to come about Max, with platform expansion news and a suite of new functionality and innovations that will be exciting to watch hit to market after keeping our heads down for the last 6-9 months while on the road at conferences like Schwab IMPACT and T3.


We were thrilled to be added to a Schwab’s MarketSquare program – and despite what some have written, have no desire to “compete with Schwab” but rather partner with them to deliver a better solution for held-away cash.

I look forward to sharing the news as it happens, but in the meantime suggest those who are following MAX and our focus on the overlooked asset class of cash and deposits read some of the recent articles about the growth of our business.

We’re hiring! Send resumes to careers@sixtreescapital.com







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