Welcome to the FinTech blog.

I’ve worked in FinTech for most of my career. I’d worked on the launch of first online bank in UK, spent several years working at a company called Scient, known today as Razorfish, mainly in financial services and worked at a bank for the last few years.

With a front row seat to the current venture-backed technology boom, given the role Morgan Stanley has in the technology space, I’ve seen the wave of new FinTech companies formed in and around San Francisco, where I’ve worked for the last couple of years.


I’m launching this blog since I couldn’t find a single place to find out what’s interesting in FinTech. Although I won’t be covering all aspects, in the sense of enabling technologies used by all players in the financial services ecosystem around the world, I’ll try to make sense of what’s going on and tell the story.

Inspired by the amazing and succinct commentary by A16Z’s Benedict Evans, and encouraged by John Battelle, who agreed there doesn’t seem to be a single place to find out what’s going on in FinTech, I hope to cover this space as best as I can — and welcome reader’s comments to make it better.

I’ll begin my coverage with live reports from 20/20 Money, the premier FinTech event in Las Vegas, Nov. 2-5.

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